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About DreamMapper

The DreamMapper software allows patients on supported Philips Respironics PAP therapy devices to view their compliance data through their smartphone (Mobile Application) or Internet access (Web Application). DreamMapper provides compliance, coaching, and motivational feedback to encourage habitual use of Philips Respironics PAP therapy devices. It also allows data to be transmitted between supported Philips Respironics PAP therapy devices and the healthcare provider. DreamMapper is highly secure to help meet requirements for HIPAA compliance and privacy laws. This includes access security as well as the security and privacy of transmitted data.

Intended Use

DreamMapper is intended to support patients by displaying therapy data recorded for patients who are prescribed compatible therapy devices in accordance with the intended use of those therapy devices. DreamMapper provides remote viewing access to patient data via their smartphone (Mobile Application) or Internet access (Web Application) to understand therapy usage, provide encouragement, and coaching towards sufficient usage of supported Philips PAP therapy devices. The DreamMapper software does not perform automatic scoring or diagnosis. The viewable data is to help the patient understand their therapy usage and not to diagnose any condition of the patient.

Password Policy

Passwords are required to be between 8 and 20 characters in length.

Passwords must have 3 of the following:

  • Uppercase characters
  • Lowercase characters
  • Numerical characters
  • Special characters (e.g., #$%&)

Passwords cannot contain your email address or the word "password".


U.S. Federal law restricts this device to sale by, or on the order of, a licensed physician.


DreamMapper should not be used to diagnose any condition of the patient. Associated therapy device manuals should be read and understood prior to viewing compliance data. Use DreamMapper with Philips Respironics supported therapy devices only. DreamMapper is not compatible with therapy devices not supported by Philips Respironics. If you are not sure if your therapy device is supported by DreamMapper, contact Philips Respironics Product Support for information on the supported devices.

Read and understand the associated therapy device manuals prior to viewing compliance data.


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DreamMapper Web

North America: 1101679 GS1 (01) 00606959057104 (10) 2.20
European Union: 1128262 GS1 (01) 00606959057111 (10) 2.20
APAC: 1127937 GS1 (01) 00606959057128 (10) 2.20
China: 1136946 GS1 (01) 00606959057135 (10) 2.20

DreamMapper Android

North America: 1101479 GS1 (01) 00606959057142 (10) 2.20
European Union: 1128265 GS1 (01) 00606959057159 (10) 2.20
APAC: 1127960 GS1 (01) 00606959057166 (10) 2.20
China: 1136947 GS1 (01) 00606959057173 (10) 2.20

DreamMapper iOS

North America: 1101478 GS1 (01) 00606959057180 (10) 2.20
European Union: 1128264 GS1 (01) 00606959057197 (10) 2.20
APAC: 1127959 GS1 (01) 00606959057203 (10) 2.20
China: 1136968 GS1 (01) 00606959057210 (10) 2.20

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