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The SleepMapper app is part of a secure self-management system that empowers users of System One sleep therapy devices to become more involved in managing their apnea therapy.

The SleepMapper mobile app can communicate with your System One device and provide you with the personalized feedback you need to take an active role in your sleep apnea therapy. SleepMapper will allow you to:

  • Receive feedback on your treatment and therapy results
  • Monitor the progress of custom goals you set for yourself
  • View equipment guides and educational videos about sleep apnea
  • Troubleshoot issues to common problems
  • Use customized coaching tools that may be unlocked to help encourage you to stick with your therapy

Life with sleep therapy requires true behavioral change, but don't worry — you can do it. SleepMapper is there to help you reinforce your commitment to change behavior and help encourage you to stick with your therapy.